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Brinker International Franchise Qualifications and Approval System
Preferred Criterion:
  • Minimum 5 years experience in casual dining (or fast casual) as owner/operator
  • Minimum 5 restaurants owned
  • Minimum fixed charge coverage of 1.25x on a unit level basis
  • Maximum debt to cash flow less than or equal to 8.0x
  • Minimum sales level greater than or equal to $7.5MM total or $1.5MM per unit
  • Minimum net worth greater than or equal to $5.0MM
  • Minimum liquidity greater than or equal to $1MM per restaurant to be developed (i.e. cash reserves)
Required Documentation and Procedures:
  • Completed franchise application including current personal financial statement *
  • Prior year's tax returns or prior 3 years' CPA audited financial statements *
  • Credit, business and personal references *
  • Balance sheet, P&L, cash flow statement per existing unit
  • Personal guaranty
  • Comprehensive detailed business plan for 1-5 years out
  • Satisfactory pro-forma P&L for first Chili's unit and satisfactory unit level profitability for Chili's restaurants within country/territory
  • Satisfactory visit(s) by franchise operations director or other Brinker representative to assess existing restaurant operations
  • Presentation by franchise partner with Q&A session at Brinker headquarters with Brinker "Executive Committee"
  • Approval sign-off by Brinker Executive Committee
Franchise Partner Profile:
  • Have a proven track record of aggressively developing multi-unit restaurant systems
  • Have an infrastructure dedicated to the development of our brand
  • Have local knowledge and expertise in the areas of consumer preferences, real estate, government regulations, labor, and distribution issues
  • Have access to adequate capital, such that losses sustainable for 2-3 year period while continuing to develop additional units
  • Philosophically aligned
*Corporate candidates provide audited Financial Statements for most recent fiscal year and 3 years previous.

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