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  • Beyond good service
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Wichita, KS

I wanted to tell this story because it is beyond customer service, especially these days. I went into Chili’s at Rock and Central, I was crying because I just lost my brother and I was having a sad day. A waitress came over and brought me tissues while I was waiting. My sister-in-law and nephew and I sat down and I explained to the waitress why I was crying and told her it was OK for her to approach the table at anytime. After about 20 minutes the manager DeAndre and all the staff came to my table and they had gone to Dillion’s behind the restaurant, bought me flowers and a card and they all signed it. The manager told me how sorry they all were and that they too had gone through these tragedies and understood my pain. I have only been in that restaurant a few times, so it is not like they knew me. I was SHOCKED and just felt that God sent them to me. I could not believe they did that. It was the kindest thing that has ever happened to me. I will for sure go back in the restaurant many more times. Our family thanks them so very much. This is just what the world needs, kindness!

  • We're not nuts
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Altoona, PA

We very rarely go out to eat due to the fear of cross contamination of tree nuts in foods served in eateries. When I told our server about our son’s severe allergy, she took the information very seriously and made us aware of Chili's specialized menu. Our server did not seem confused, annoyed or unconcerned when we told her of the boy's limitations. We have gotten those types of reactions at other restaurants. Unfavorable reactions are genuinely frightening considering how serious these types of allergies can be. We are comfortable dining at Chili’s and want to express our sincere gratitude. Thank you.

  • Chili's recharged my batteries
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Lawrenceville, GA

For the last two weeks, I have spent 12 hours every day with my mom in the ICU of our local hospital. I have not had regular meals and my mood has not been the greatest. On Saturday, I entered Chili's at 11:00 pm. I was greeted by a lovely young woman, and I asked for the quietest table she had. I don't know if it was actually the next table scheduled for a customer or not, but she happily led me to a great table all the way in the back away from everyone. I thanked her and she said she would send Peter right over to me. Before Peter could even open his mouth I placed a drink order. I jokingly pleaded "as quickly as humanly possible". I know Peter cannot control the bartender's speed, but I have never gotten a drink so fast. He even checked on my order with the kitchen to make sure that everything was perfect. Peter was fast, polite, friendly, and attentive; everything a great server should be. By the time I left I felt completely renewed. Today, I am sending kudos to Peter for making my night.

  • From 'smash up' to 'filled up'
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Athens, GA

A friend and I went to Chili’s and while we were inside, my car was hit in the parking lot by another guest on their way out. It was truly an accident. We had to wait for police to arrive and file a report. This took around 45 minutes. When we returned to eat our meal the managers re-made our meal so it would be hot. We thought this was so nice of them. The two managers and our server were outstanding. At the end of our delicious meal the manager came to our table and said he had taken care of the check. We insisted this was not necessary, there was no way they could have prevented the accident in the parking lot. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful meal and the wonderful hospitality. I know many times people complain when something goes wrong and forget to praise when people go above and beyond. We will definitely visit Chili’s on a regular basis because of the wonderful hospitality we experienced!

  • Office party done right
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Bradenton, FL

You've won us over! We chose Chili’s this year for our annual office party. We had 50 guests attending from our medical office, including our doctors, spouses and dates. We had several people serving us, as well as two managers who were very attentive. I tried to tip them along with our servers, but they explained they were happy to help as part of their jobs. Although it was extremely busy in the restaurant that night, the food was great and the service was outstanding. We'll be hosting all of our office events there now. Please give them our thanks and best wishes.

  • Just like our wedding day
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Wylie, TX

“For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I wanted to eat the same meal we had eaten on the day we got married 37 years ago. So, my husband went to Chili’s in Wylie to ask if this was possible. We were looking forward to beans and fried potatoes to bring back memories of the day. They said that it would be no trouble. This restaurant went above and beyond and I think they should be commended for it. It truly made the day special. All the servers were excellent.”

  • Turning a bad day around
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Wheaton, IL

“A few months ago, my wife, daughter and I went to the Wheaton Chili’s for a nice dinner. At the time, we were refinishing the floors at our home, and I had $1,400 in cash in a blank envelope to pay the workers the next day. When, I went to pay the bill I accidentally left the $1,400 on the table, and proceeded to drive home. When I arrived home, the blood rushed from my face when I noticed I had misplaced my funds. We quickly drove back to the Chili’s, but our hopes were not high. In this economy $1,400 can easily 'walk away.’ However, when we entered Chili’s the manager calmed our fears, as she had found the cash while cleaning the table. She said she knew the rightful owner would be back soon to claim the envelope. This could have been one of the worst days our lives. We were so thrilled the money was found, and we are eternally grateful for her kindhearted nature. You have customers for life! Thank you.”

  • It's all about the customer!
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Altoona, PA

“We ordered the special, 3-Courses, for two people for $20. Our waitress, Caitline, was friendly and attentive. However, after we finished our appetizer, there was a very long wait, and we knew something must have been wrong. The assistant manager, Chris explained that our food had been overlooked and decided it was not presentable to serve. The manager apologized profusely and said that dinner would be on Chili’s. Then, he asked if there was anything else he might do while they prepared our dinner. My wife blurted out how I was a Pirates fan and in minutes the manager moved us to a table in the bar in front of a big screen television and changed the channel to the Pirates game. Chris turned what could have been a very disappointing visit into a pleasant experience. Kudos to Chris who truly cares about his guests and congratulations to Chili’s on hiring people like him."

  • Birthday Surprise
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Minneapolis, MN

My granddaughter, Carly, asked to have dinner at Maggiano's for her 10th birthday. When I made the reservation, the person on the phone asked if it was a special occasion and I said, “Yes, Carly's 10th birthday.” When we arrived, there was confetti on the table and a card with Carly's name on it. All of the staff signed it and wished her a happy birthday. Food was fabulous; our server was fabulous. When one of the desserts came, the Chef had written "Happy 10th Birthday, Carly" on the plate in chocolate. I can't tell you how impressed Carly was. Then she asked to have the last bit of her cheesecake boxed up. Instead of boxing it up, they presented her with a whole new piece of cheesecake to take home. My other granddaughter, Abbie, said she wants to have her birthday there too because she "loves this place and wishes she could sleep over here." Abbie was pretty impressed with the bathrooms as well. We must have visited six times because your “soap smells like cherries." Carly has graduated from birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheese to Maggiano's - which both mom and dad, plus grandma and grandpa - appreciate very much. I wanted to commend your staff for their work in helping to make Carly's birthday special for her. We will see you again on July 14 when we celebrate Grandpa's 65th birthday and Uncle Jamie's 38th birthday.

  • No problem!
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Brandon, FL

We have not been in for awhile, so we decided to go for dinner tonight and were pleasantly surprised. Our Server, Lance, was everything we could ask for in a Server. I especially liked the fact that he did not bat an eyelash when I made a mistake with my order. He returned my dish to the kitchen and came back with what I wanted. It wasn't a problem. He was polite, attentive and there when you needed him. Lance did a fantastic job and we will return.

  • Purely Perfect
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Philadelphia, PA

My girlfriend and I ate at Maggiano’s last week for my birthday. The food was the best food I have ever eaten at a restaurant. The atmosphere was perfect as well. At the end of our meal, I was brought out a complimentary dessert. Once again, it was the best dessert I have ever had! The man who made the dessert for me was Roland Poindexter III, Sous Chef. I just wanted to thank him personally for the amazing dinner and even better dessert. We will now be coming back on a regular basis. Keep up the fantastic work and unbelievable food and drinks. Thank you Nick and Roland for making my birthday a memorable event. Thank you!

  • Absolutely No Complaints
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Beachwood, OH

"I just wanted to tell you we were so pleased with our rehearsal dinner at Maggiano's!  We couldn't have asked for anything more! The food and service was outstanding! Everyone LOVED the lemon cookies and thought it was such a nice touch. I was shocked at the end of the night that we were given food to take home that was left from our event!  I have absolutely no complaints! We were so impressed with our Maggiano's experience and we will definitely pass your name on to family and friends for future occasions. Again, thank you so much for your professionalism and prompt follow helped me feel comfortable and confident as this was such a special occasion for us and our families."

  • Top chef delivers top experience
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Bridgewater, NJ

My husband and I were at Maggiano's Bridgewater on a Saturday night with a group of six people, including my daughter who has severe sulfite allergies. After explaining this to our server, she told the chef and he personally came out to the table. After we received our meal the chef came back to check if she was okay. He also made a few suggestions about the types of deserts my daughter would be able to eat. I have had people care at other restaurants, but not like this. They went above and beyond. The chef also told us that when my daughter came back, to just call ahead of time and he would be glad to make some sauce or broth without the wine, which is loaded with sulfites and would put her right in the hospital. The food was excellent and the hospitality was even better.

  • Lost and found
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Bel Air, MD

I am a customer of the Bel Air Maryland Chili’s. I want to give a real heartfelt thank you to the management team. I lost my keys several weeks ago. I was unsure if I left them at Chili’s, so I called and management couldn’t locate them. I eventually went to my dealership and had a set of new keys made. However, one of the managers at Chili’s had the foresight to go through each identification tag on my key ring, and call the people associated with the ID tags to try to get a hold of me. That is above and beyond service! I would personally like to recognize Don, Tom and Kevin. Although I don’t know who was primarily responsible for helping me, they obviously had the same mind set to sit down and look up the toll-free number for each tag. I cannot thank them again for their help!

  • A Grand engagement at Maggiano's
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Chicago, IL

I want to start off by saying what an experience! And great job to you, your staff, and everything you did to make our engagement night extra special for us.

It has been a complete joy bragging about the SUPER service and hospitality given to us by your staff. Their knowledge of the menu and even their own recommendations were astounding.

Your restaurant will be in our mouths and hearts every time we tell our engagement story and every time we recommend Italian cuisine to someone. Being a Chef myself, it was an extra special night because I did not have to worry about the quality or integrity of each dish that was coming out. Kudos to Ms. Francine - great job.

Thank you again for everything you have done.

God Bless,
Chris and Miranda

  • Happy hour, happy bartender
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Wheat Ridge, CO

Although we are regular customers at the Chili’s in Wheat Ridge, last night was the first time we have gone in during your Happy Hour. Bruce the bartender had a very busy night, especially since he was training at the time. Our group started at the bar, but became so large that we ended up moving to a table that would accommodate us.

Even though Bruce was no longer our server after we moved from the bar, he noticed that our orders had not arrived, so he came from around the busy bar area to check on us and ask if we needed anything. He went back to the kitchen right away and delivered our food and refilled our drinks.

Bruce is an incredible bartender – he took the time to take care of our table even though we had closed our tab with him at the bar. He is a great asset for your company. Not only did he give incredible service, but he did it with a sincere smile.

Kudos to Bruce for being INCREDIBLE at his job! We will definitely be back and will stay at the bar with Bruce!

  • Nuts about Maggiano’s
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Shaumburg, IL

"My husband has a deadly nut and seed allergy and we were at his aunt and uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary party at your Schaumburg restaurant. I explained to Pedro Martinez in Banquets about my husband’s allergy. The food was served family style and even though Pedro was extremely busy with serving, he took the time to go and get the chef and come back to the table to make sure my husband got his own special food that he could enjoy without us worrying about having to take a trip to the hospital.

He also kept checking on us making sure the things he was eating were the correct ones. It was very refreshing because he did all of this without an attitude and with a smile on his face. People in society now are so busy that they forget to smile and they make people feel like they are burden. It is people like Pedro that people should take the time out to thank because we can really use more people like him in this world. If I had lots of money I would have given him a career ending tip! Please tell him thank you for making our day a special one."

  • The perfect surprise
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Tampa, FL

"I’m an active duty Air Force member in Warner Robins, Georgia. I was planning a special surprise for my wife who lives in Florida, so I contacted Maggiano’s Beachwood in Tampa on Tuesday, May 13, to make the arrangements for her visit on May 16.

I wanted to surprise her by paying the bill ahead of time and to also see about any specials. The General Manager, Matt Nicholson, arranged everything, calmed my fears about sending credit card information over the phone, and even told me about a special item that wasn’t on the menu for my wife and her party, as well as giving a few complimentary drinks."

The night went perfectly. Matt even called me while she was there; keeping me updated on how the dinner was progressing. That kind of personal attention is rarely provided anymore. I wanted you to know that it was greatly appreciated. It was a dinner I know neither my wife nor her guest will soon forget.

I tell you without hesitation, you have certainly earned a lifelong customer in me, my family and our friends as well. I hope you have a recognition program for truly outstanding performers such as this Manager. It was with great pleasure and thanks that I write this thank you.

  • Omar…oh, boy, what a server
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Algonquin, IL

“I grew up in the back of a restaurant and worked as a server for many years. I got to experience the best server named Omar. It was my birthday and he treated me so well – he even brought out some ice cream with chocolate syrup and a cherry. He was exceptional and also had a great personality. I would return just for him.”

  • Chili’s on “A” list for service
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Ahwatukee, AZ

“When dining at other restaurants similar to Chili’s, I often feel like I am just a customer. But when I am at Chili’s in Tempe, I really feel as though I’m a valued guest just as you claim. Even though I know my server has several other guests to attend to, I am always treated with a level of attentiveness that makes me feel as though I am the most important one. There are other Chili’s where I have had similar experiences. At the Ahwatukee Chili’s server Rachel had a full bar and as I watched her deal with other guests, I saw I was not the only one receiving good treatment. Please let her know it is service like hers that makes Chili’s my choice for dining.”

  • Troy saves the night
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Bellevue, WA

“My husband and I have dined at Maggiano’s many times. The service is always impeccable, and the food is consistent. On Friday night, we brought our newborn with us after shopping at Bellevue Square. It was extremely busy and we were tired. Troy was extremely courteous, saw our situation, and took the time in the midst of the Friday rush to find us a place in the restaurant that was a little quieter. He was more than courteous. He stopped by several times to make sure we were satisfied. Troy saved our night out and has kept us as loyal customers. We recommend Maggiano’s to all our friends…keep up the great work!”

  • Jeff made our day
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Los Angeles, CA

“I have dined at many restaurants in LA…many that are very upscale. Our waiter, Jeff, was one of the best, if not the best, I’ve ever had. He was a perfect gentleman and really cared for us. He let us know about the menu portions and brought our appetizers out so fast. We were starving! I had never been to Maggiano’s and now will return and tell people about it. Jeff made our day! It’s hard to find genuine people in LA, but he is one of the best. Thank Jeff for making our Sunday at the Grove one of the best.”

  • Chefs respond with wheat-free meals
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Beachwood, OH

“My wife has an allergy to wheat. Your chefs always make us feel secure that what we order will be enjoyable. They always respond to her need that her meals be wheat-free. The meals are always delicious and served in a way that makes her feel special. Thank you.”

  • No gluten? No problem!
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Cincinnati, OH

“My husband and I celebrated his birthday with his parents at Maggiano’s last month, and being new to Cincinnati, this was the first time we had ever been there. I had the best gluten-free dining experience I have ever had. Having a chef come to the table and offer to prepare anything I requested and being reassured that he would be the only one handling my food in order to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination, made my dining out experience much less worrisome. It is hard to find restaurants that truly understand what it is like to have Celiac Disease, but this particular chef made my dinner wonderful for me. You now have two new customers for life and I can guarantee that we’ll be sharing this great experience with everyone we know, especially other Celiacs.”

  • Food allergy? No problem!
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Richmond, VA

One afternoon, a guest started to order the Lobster Ravioli for her entrée but expressed a concern about the sauce because of a severe shellfish allergy. Explaining the concern, she asked the server, Charles, if bivalve products were included in the sauce. Charles didn’t know of any but said he would check with the chef. He quickly came back to their table with the chef, and informed us that the sauce contained clam broth and probably wouldn’t be appropriate for her allergies. Noting her disappointment, the chef quickly offered to prepare an alternative sauce for the dish. He suggested an alternative based on Alfredo sauce enhanced with roasted corn, and the guest agreed. When the dish arrived, she was blown away, saying that the entire experience made the lunch a special event. Both the lady and her guest emphasized that these team members clearly took the extra steps to make them feel special. They went on to proclaim that this would be the first of many dining experiences at Maggiano’s.

  • Backup plan works to perfection
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • McLean, VA

A woman had organized a large reception at a nearby hotel when, much to her surprise – the hotel cancelled her reservations. Despite her unpredictable circumstance, she turned to Maggiano’s because she knew she could trust them to deliver a great experience.

“Please pass along my compliments to your McLean, VA staff. I've been to Maggiano's many times and have always had excellent experiences. The treatment that we received from your entire staff was wonderful. We had told everyone at the restaurant about what the hotel had done to us and your staff catered to all of us. There was always someone around filling glasses, replacing empty plates with new plates and ensuring that we were enjoying our evening. Please let your staff know that their hard work and the way they treated everyone in our party was very much appreciated. Clearly, it was not just one member of your staff - it was every person with whom we had any interaction that made our evening as memorable as it was.”

  • Found and delivered
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Midwest City, OK

“Last month, my girlfriend and I were traveling cross country. I realized I had left my wallet in your restaurant hundreds of miles after we left. I called and they explained they had made every effort to contact me. The staff on the phone were very courteous. They contacted the district manager, who then drove almost 400 miles round trip to deliver the wallet. He would not take any money in return, he just said, “this is how Chili’s is.” He was an angel to us. We have never had this type of service or kindness anywhere we have been. We can not say thank you enough. Thank you so very much!”

  • Happy birthday to you!
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Cordova, TN

“To celebrate a birthday, 12 of my friends and I went to your Cordova, TN location. I had called earlier in the week and spoke to one of your managers who said they could take care of us. She asked that I call the day of the event and they would put our name on the list and get us squared away. That evening our party showed up and everything ran very smoothly. The table was already waiting on us and the staff did a wonderful job. The service was top notch, and the waitress was very courteous and prompt. I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job they did.”

  • Hospitality…with a cherry on top
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Oak Brook, IL

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Last year, a guest was attending a business conference at Maggiano’s and experienced hospitality with – well, a cherry on top. The guest was with about 30 other people in the banquet room when a server came in to offer drinks. He ordered a Coke with cherries, and promptly finished the drink. While struggling to dig the cherries out of the bottom of the drink, the server arrived out of nowhere with a saucer full of cherries. The guest excitedly proclaimed “That’s outstanding service!” not even realizing that the waiter witnessed the epic struggle for cherries. He and his colleagues raved about this service for the rest of the day. The small gesture by the Maggiano’s server certainly made this guest feel special.

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